How to Hide Outdoor Home Security Cameras?

How to hide outdoor wireless home security cameras
As we all know that placing a home security camera in visible area helps to prevent crime. The burglars normally notice the security cameras and decide to choose another house to rob. However, the burlgars may still rob the house simply by stealing or tampering with your cameras. Here are some best practices for hiding your outdoor home security cameras or security camera system.
hide outdoor wireless home security camera

How to Hide a Surveillance Camera Outside?

When placing an outdoor wireless security camera, location is all that matters. Some may paint their security cameras in the same color as home for camouflage as one of the options. Apart from that, there are some places listed below where you could hide your security camera.

Best Places to Hide Your Outdoor Home Security Camera

hide security camera in birdhouse

The good places to hide the camera are as follows:

1. Hide Security Camera In Tree or Shrub

One way is to hide your wireless outdoor home security camera in the bough, thick and dense leaves or shrubbery of the tree or plant outside. And remember to set your security camera in the right position so it can capture the footage you need.

2. Hide Security Camera in Birdhouse

Another place to hide your camera is birdhouse. You could keep the security camera into the box and point you cam in the front hole of your birdhouse. As the birdhouse is made of wood, hiding your security camera in it not only keep your camera from vandalism but alos helps to record everything happens around.

3. Put Security Camera into a Mailbox

You could also hide your security camera inside the mailbox and point it at the front of your house. (You could drill a hole on the mailbox to make sure that your camera capture every details aroud your front house.)

4. Hide Security Camera in Artificial Rock

Another good practice is to hide your security camera in the fake rock. Make sure to drill a hole on artificial rock and point your lens out of the hole.

5. Place a Fake Security Camera

A fake camera helps you to grab the attention from the real one. You could place a dummy security camera at the opposite side of your real camera.

Do We Need to Hide Home Security Cameras?


  • Catch the thief: The hidden security camera enables the houseowner to collect sufficient evidence of a home invasion if the thief can't see the camera.
  • Deter package theft: You could prevent pacakage theft with wireless outdoor home security camera. When the pacakge arrives, you will be notified in real time.
  • Remote communication: Two-way audio security camera allows you to talk to people in front of your camera from anywhere with the network.


  • No crime deterrence: Since security cameras have been proven to deter crime, hiding security cameras cannot actually prevent the occurrence of robbery.
  • Poor visibility: Hiding the security camera may reduce the visibility and defeat the purpose of video resolutions above 1080pHD and infrared night vision.

12 Features Needed for Wireless Outdoor Home Security Cameras

security camera works with Alexa Echo
  • Cost: The average cost of an outdoor security camera is about $ 200.
  • Connectivity: Most security cameras connect to Wi-Fi, so make sure your cameras are within network range.
  • Power: Wireless outdoor home security cameras are easy to use and install. Therefore, it is better to choose a wireless security cameras that run on either batteries or solar power.
  • Battery life: When looking for a battery-powered security camera,choose the camera with a lifespan of at least 6 months.
  • Video quality: Purchase security cameras that has a video resolution of 1080p HD or higher with a field of view of 120 degrees or higher.
  • Audio: Two-way audio means you are able to hear what's happening and talk to people near your security camera.
  • Color night vision: As most of the robberies occur at night, you could choose a camera with infrared night vision. Spotlight cameras like Noorio spotlight cam batteries provide full color night vision.
  • Human detection: The good security cameras detect not only object movement, but especially movement from people, with more relevant notifications.
  • Smart Integration: If you have a voice assistant at home such as Alexa, Google assistant, small intergration could completely free your hands.
  • App-powered: Security camera with app is easy for you to check live footage, review cloud storage, and receive notifications when there's movement.
  • Durability: Durability comes down to two things: IP rating and temperature range. An IP rating is a two-digit number that shows how susceptible an object is to solids (the first digit) and liquids (the second digit). Look for cameras with IP ratings of at least 65, meaning they're dust-tight and can handle low-pressure water jets. Temperature range is more self-explanatory; look for cameras that have ranges that support your climate's most extreme temperatures.
  • Size: If you want to hide your wireless outdoor home security camera, the smaller, the better.
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