Noorio Security Cameras Saving My Life

Noorio security camera help to prevent crime

"I want to thank the Noorio team for saving my life. This happened at my front door. See the news clip. " We just received a thank you email from one of our customers. Noorio is proud to announce that our security camera system has saved a man's life in Haiku, Hawaii. 

What happened? Hear the real story and news from one of our customers.


A man from Kula is facing more than a dozen charges, including attempted murder, terroristic threatening, weapons charges, etc. after Maui police say he shot up a home in the Haiku area Monday afternoon. Thankfully, no one was injured thanks to the instant alert notification from the Noorio. The Noorio security camera also captured the breathtaking moment of the criminal capturing scene.

The police officers were called out to the scene after 1:30 p.m. Witnesses told officers that the suspect, which was later identified as 55-year-old Shawn Medeiros, fired several rounds at the house before taking off in a white BMW SUV.

The officers said the house owner, a 55-year-old woman, was not home when the alleged incident happened. While at that place, polices found 17 spent .223 caliber shell casings on the ground, and an alert was put out for authorities to be on the lookout for the suspect's vehicle.

Police said, just after 5:30 p.m., the white BMW SUV was spotted on Crater Road in Kula. When the police officer tried to pull the vehicle over, the criminal took off, leading police on a chase from Crater Road through various side streets in Makawao, before ending at Medeiros' home in Kula, according to police.

"I was his next target. When my Noorio security camera notified me of his entry, I was able to barricade in the bathroom. Thank God the police captured him with seconds to spare. I'm a Noorio fan for life... literally. " Said the customer. "This is the best investment of my life."

When the chase arrived at the criminals' home, the police officer said he tried to run inside but was tackled by them before the criminal could make it. The Noorio surveillance camera footage outside the house recorded the encounter with police. 

Noorio Security Camera capture the footage when the criminal get caught 

The man was arrested on 13 charges, including second-degree attempted murder, criminal property damage, terroristic threatening, etc. His bail was set at 750,000 USD, and the man remains in custody. Investigators searched his home and vehicle and said they found an AR-15 rifle and over 400 cartridges of .223 caliber ammunition. This case remains under investigation.

"The case is a great example of how our Noorio security cameras can help keep people safe." said Noorio CEO Alex Z. "We're happy that our products were able to play a role in this kind of situation, and we'll continue to work hard to provide the best possible security solutions for our customers."

Noorio Innovations is a cutting-edge security company that offers homeowners affordable, easy-to-use security solutions. With Noorio security cameras, you can rest assured knowing your home is safe and secure. For more information, visit

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Hawaii Local News:
"Maui man arrested after allegedly shooting up Haiku home, leading police on chase | Crime & Courts |"

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