Terms of Service

The following is the legal software license agreement between you, the end-user of the software, and the developer of this application. Please read this license agreement carefully before using the related Noorio software ("Software") and related services ("Service"). Installing or using software or services on computers or other hardware devices indicates that you have read this license agreement and agree to its terms, terms of service, and privacy policy. 

License Authorization

This license allows you to use the software package or the software copy included in the product on your personal computer or hardware device. For each software licenser, this program can be used at any time on one personal computer or hardware device.
This license does not allow the use of this software on the hardware device or personal computer not owned or controlled by you, and you are not allowed to distribute or make the software capable of being used for the network shared by multiple devices through the network. If the program will be installed on the network server and is only used for the distribution to other computers, then a special license is required from Noorio. It is not allowed to use modification, translation, reverse assembly, decompilation, disassembly or other means to attempt to (i) destruct, avoid, bypass, delete, stop or use other means to evade any software protection mechanism in this software, including but not limited to limiting or controlling the software functions, or (ii) export the source code or basic idea, algorithm, structure or organization from the software (unless such activities are prohibited by applicable laws). It is prohibited to use this software for a purpose that is illegal under the applicable law of the region where the software is used. 

Content Use

This software can be only used by licensed media. It is prohibited to use this software for any purpose, such as infringement of the copyright, trademark, patent, business secret, publicity right, or any third-party right. You are required to ensure that none of the contents or information created, copied, downloaded, recorded, playback, distributed, and/or issued with this software (including but not limited to text, photo, voice, and video recording) have infringed upon these rights, and to obtain the license from the owners of these rights. It is prohibited to attempt the use of this software with any device, program, or service, to evade the control of technical measure jurisdiction on access to or right of any content file or other works under the protection of the copyright law.

Content Distribution

This software can only be for individual non-commercial use and shall not be used by any means to provide or serve as one part of any commercial service or application program. For any other use, please contact Noorio. The copy of the content file, including but not limited to music and other audio voices, shall be downloaded, or copied with this software, and protected by the copyright law or the related laws within any jurisdiction, and can only be used for personal use. It must not be distributed to a third party or beyond the scope of your normal family and social circle. 


The software included in this package or device is protected by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, international treaties, and any other applicable national laws. The software must be treated the same as other information under the protection of copyright (for example, book and music recording). This license shall not be leased, and the written information of the software (if any) shall not be duplicated. 


The ownership right and intelligent property right in the attached document and the duplicate of any of the above documents, are still the only and proprietary properties of Noorio and/or third-party licenser. You agree to observe the copyright law and all other applicable laws. You acknowledge that this software has included the precious secret information and the business secret of Noorio and/or its third-party licenser. 


This software and service do not provide the guarantee in any form. No explicit or implied warranty is provided, including but not limited to, the implied warranty for the marketability and applicability of specific purposes, as well as the guarantee for no infringement of the intellectual property right, and Noorio has explicitly denied that there is any warranty here. You should undertake all risks related to the quality and performance of the software and service. If the software is proven with any defect, you, instead of Noorio or authorized distributor, shall undertake the cost for repair or correction for any necessary services. In some countries/regions or jurisdictional areas, the exclusion of the implied warranty is not allowed, so the above exclusion clause might be inapplicable for you. 

Limited Liability

Your only remedial measure, and all responsibilities of Noorio, as well as the licenser, are all described above. In any case, Noorio and its licenser do not undertake any responsibility to you or any other person for any damage, including any incidental or subsequent damages, expenses, profit loss, loss saving, or other damage due to the use or no use of this software, or despite that Noorio or its license issuer has been notified of the possibility of such damage. Since some jurisdictional area disallows the exclusion or limit of subsequent or incidental damage, the above limits are not applicable for you. 


You are not allowed to export or re-export the product containing this software without the license issued by the foreign government. 

High-risk Activities

This software is not fault-tolerant and does not apply to the dangerous environment that safety performance shall be guaranteed, or any other application program that the software fault might directly result in the personal death, personal injury, or severe physical or property losses (collectively called "high-risk activities"). Noorio has explicitly denied any expressed or implied warranty for the high-risk activities. 

Registration and Privacy

Software registration, purchasing, and/or activation might require you to provide personal identification information, for example, your name, telephone number, address, and email address. Noorio will not share such information with or sell such information to any third party, unless: (i) Noorio has agreed with the disclosure of such information; (ii) Noorio requires the disclosure of such information, to provide you with the required product or service; or (iii) Noorio is required to disclose such necessary information required by the law, regulation or lawsuit. 

Software use Tracking

You agreed that Noorio might monitor the use of the software, to improve the product serviceability. In this case, Noorio can record the user information related to the selected product function, the unique machine ID (which is automatically generated at the installation of Noorio software), and other Noorio products installed on the same machine. Such use information will not be collected with any corresponding personal identification information, and the use anonymity will be maintained. 

Software Update and Marketing

This software might cause your computer, without additional and/or advance notice, to be automatically connected to the Internet for communication with Noorio, to check the error repair patches available, such as additional function, plug-in, and new version (collectively called as "software update"). You should hereby agree that Noorio can provide you with the related software update and the special discount information provided by Noorio, Noorio Alliance, and third-party partners. 


You agree to indemnify, compensate and defend Noorio, its senior staff, directors, and employees regarding any loss, damage compensation, penalty, and expenses (including lawyer's fee and expenses) related to any claim for compensation arising from or caused by you, about the fact: (i) use, check, copy, download, encode, compress, or transmit any information related to this software in violation of the right of another party or any applicable law(except the information provided by Noorio), or (ii) violate any clause in this license agreement. 

Termination Clause

This agreement is fully valid during the use of the service. You can terminate the use of the service at any time. Noorio may cause the confiscation and damage of all information related to your membership, terminate or pause your access service or your membership at any time due to any reason without warning. If you have violated any term or clause of this agreement, Noorio can also immediately terminate or pause any service and access websites without the notification in advance or responsibility. After the termination of your account, your right for using the service, having access to the website, and any content will be immediately terminated. All clauses of this agreement shall remain valid after the termination due to its nature, including but not limited to ownership right clauses, warranty disclaimer, and liability limitation.

Last updated: May 2022