Front Door Security : 9 Tips to Protect Front Door in Your Rental House (2022 Version)

front door security:9 tips

The Importance of Front Door Security

How important is it to keep your rental house safe? Very! No matter if you are living in a rented apartment, condo, or townhouse, you need to make sure that the safety of your home and belongings is taken care of.

Front door security is an essential part of your home's security. It is through the door that intruders will most likely get into your house! Criminals are always looking for easy targets, so a weak or unsecured front door can make your home an easy target. Follow these best practices to secure the front door in your rental place! 

front door security for rental house

Install a Good Quality Deadbolt Lock

One of the good practices you can do to secure your front door is to install a good quality deadbolt lock. A deadbolt lock is much more challenging to pick than a standard doorknob lock. A deadbolt lock makes it much more difficult for burglars to break into your home. If you don't already have a deadbolt lock installed, talk to your landlord about getting one installed. 

Check the Hinges, Strike Plate, and Handle of Your Front Door

1. Inspect the hinges and handle of the front door in your rental house. Make sure that the hinges and handle are in good working condition. You should also consider adding a strike plate to the door frame and using longer screws to secure it. If you notice any damage, contact your landlord or property manager immediately.

2. Always lock your front door, even if you're stepping out for a minute. 

Consider Installing a Door Jammer

When it comes to front door security, one option you may want to consider is installing a door jammer. A door jammer is a device that helps to secure your door from being forced open by someone trying to break in. It works by wedging the device under the door, and when someone tries to force the door open, the device will jam the door shut, making it difficult for them to get through. Door jammers can be found at most home improvement stores and are relatively easy to install. 

Reinforce Your Front Door Frame

Another tip for reinforcing your front door security is supporting your door frame. If your door frame is not strong, it can be easy for an intruder to force the door open. You can strengthen your door frame by adding a strike plate and using longer screws. 

Reduce Glass in Your Front Doors

Reducing the amount of glass in your front doors is one way to improve front door security. Glass can be easily broken, providing easy access for intruders. If you have a glass panel in your door, consider replacing it with a solid panel. If you have a door with multiple small windows, consider covering them with frosted film or curtains. 

Reduce glass to improve front door security

Reinforce the Door Itself( Consider Solid Wood or Metal Door)

Another way to improve front door security is to reinforce the door itself. If your door is made of hollow core construction, consider replacing it with a solid wood or metal door. 

Installing Outdoor Security Cameras or a Peephole on Front Door

Another way to secure your front door is to install a peephole or home security camera. A home security camera or peephole will allow you to see who is at the door before you open it and deter burglars from even trying to break in. Knowing that your rental house is being monitored gives you peace of mind.

There are three tips to keep in mind when choosing a security camera for your rental home:
  • Make sure to choose a camera that will be weatherproof, as this will ensure that it will continue to work properly no matter what the conditions are like outside.
  • Opt for a wireless camera if possible, making installation much more manageable.
  • Make sure to choose a night vision camera so you can still monitor your home even when it's dark out.

Installing a security camera on your front door is a great way to protect your rental home and give yourself peace of mind.  

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Lighting up the Front Porch

One of the best ways to protect your front door is to install outdoor sensor lights. This will deter burglars and give you a head start if someone does try to break in. Keeping your front door well-lit at night is also a good idea. You can do this by installing a motion-activated light or leaving a light inside your home that shines through the door.

Lights on the front porch will deter would-be criminals from even approaching your home. If you are worried about the cost of electric lighting, consider solar-powered lights. These are relatively inexpensive and will not add to your monthly utility bills. 

install outdoor sensor lights to protect front door

Install Indoor Security Camera System

The indoor security camera system is as much important as an outdoor one. Suppose the burglar still sneaks into your house despite all the effort you've made. You can add additional security measures such as an indoor alarm system or motion-sensors indoor to give an extra defense to your rental house. This way, if someone does manage to break in, you'll be alerted right away and can take action to protect your property.

However, as you may live in a rental place, you could consider installing a wireless indoor home security camera instead of a wired security camera. A wireless indoor security camera will help you eliminate the hassle of running wires and searching for an outlet. 


Protecting your front door is essential to keeping your rental house safe. By following the tips in this article, you can ensure that your front door is as secure as possible. 

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