How Do Home Security Cameras Help Prevent Crime?

How Do Home Security Cameras Help Prevent Crime?

There are approximately 2.5 million burglaries in the U.S. every year, with more than half being home invasions. It's essential to have a home security camera to deter criminals. And it's proven that visible security cameras outside and inside homes can make burglaries think twice before they rob your houses.
In this guide, we'll explore how security cameras can keep your home protected. We will also cover the different types and how they prevent criminal activity from risking the safety of your family and friends.
In the end, you'll learn about the beneficial features of a wireless security camera and an outdoor security camera.
Continue reading to find out how to stay safe and prevent crime with security cameras. And you'll learn why our Noorio security cameras are the best.   

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Staying Safe With an Outdoor Security Camera

Most people don't have a home security system, even though many may have had their vehicles burglarized outside their front door. It's wise to install a good home security system to help prevent criminals from thinking they can break in and take whatever they want.
Frequently, families feel that owning a dog is a type of home security. But how many family dogs can are adequately trained to take action and protect if something happens?
And some people don't lock their front doors while they're home. Whether this is on purpose or absentmindedness, it's asking for trouble since many burglars try the front door first.
But not all criminals will try to break into a house. Some may merely steal items on your property. Think of bicycles on front lawns, chairs, hoses and tools, and even barbecues.
It's estimated that around 27% of burglaries happen while people are home, and 65% of criminals know the residents. That's a lot!!
So you can install flood lights and motion sensors and have your windows and doors replaced and reinforced. But you still leave your home and loved ones vulnerable if you don't invest in home security cameras. 

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Do Security Cameras Deter Criminals?

In a survey of inmates serving time for burglary, one said that people should get a home security camera and ensure it's visible. All inmates generally agreed that they wouldn't try to break in if they saw a camera.
And the inmates also shared additional information that can be helpful to keep in mind.
They said they preferred to kick in front doors most of the time rather than risk getting injured from glass by breaking windows. And they were less likely to force their way into a home if they heard a dog barking (but it'd have to be a big one).
If they could hear a radio or TV on the inside, they wouldn't attempt a break-in. They advised that bushes and trees should be trimmed so there aren't as many places to hide and good lighting surrounding the home. 

trim your bush to prevent crime

Protecting Your Home With a Wireless Home Security Camera

It's wise to put up a few security cameras inside and outside your home. So let's review two indoor and outdoor home security cameras and find out why a wireless one is a great choice. 

Types of Security Cameras

Home security cameras have two main types: indoor and outdoor. And it's recommended that you use both. There are categories under these two types: battery or AC-powered, wired or wireless, floodlight cameras, and even doorbell cameras.
One key factor that makes indoor and outdoor home security cameras differ from each other is that outdoor security cameras are weather-resistant. An outdoor security camera should be durable and able to withstand sun, rain, and snow for years. 

Wired and Wireless Indoor Security Cameras

A wired camera is hooked up to the primary recording device by ethernet or coaxial cable and usually requires professional installation. Typically, these cameras are dome-shaped and placed on the ceiling to give a complete inside view of the home.
When it comes to wireless indoor home security cameras, these are connected to Wi-Fi and store video footage on a cloud. This type of camera doesn't require professional installation and is simple to set up. And they do need a power source to operate. 

Outdoor Home Security Cameras That Are Wired and Wireless

Cameras outside are larger and placed in key spots on the perimeter of a home or property. Since they're weather-resistant, wireless cameras must withstand the elements without falling off or being knocked down.
They are mounted with plates and screws to secure them. Many outdoor home security cameras have a larger view than wired outside cameras.
Some wireless outdoor home security cameras are battery-powered, and some can even be programmed only to activate when motion is detected. Other wireless home security cameras can be set to record 24/7.
Like their indoor counterparts, the wired option of home security cameras usually needs to be professionally installed. And the central connection point needs to be established where the cables converge.
Another option is connecting outdoor wireless cameras to floodlights. And the light can be programmed to turn on when the camera is activated. 

wireless home security camera for outdoor and indoor

Security Camera Features

While selecting suitable security cameras for your home, there are features to consider. Below is a list of common ones:  
• Excellent picture with 1080P (HD) or higher
• Field of view with a wide-angle lens
• Sound detection
• Night vision for outdoor security cameras
• Easy-access storage, either local storage (SD card) or cloud
• Continuous or motion-activated recording with alerts
• Camera turn-on scheduling while you're away  

A home surveillance system that includes indoor and outdoor cameras with the right features is crucial to providing your property with complete protection. And clever security camera placement is just as important. 

The Best Places to Put Your Security Cameras

Selecting the best locations to put your cameras is another part of the process that's just as important as special features and capabilities. If you incorrectly position your security camera, you can create blind spots where burglars can hide. And if cameras are in the wrong areas, some criminals could try to tamper with them or destroy them to cover their tracks.
It doesn't matter if the cameras are inside or outside your home. Ensure you secure them up high at a minimum of seven feet so they're out of reach. 

Camera Placement for Inside the Home

Entryways are the key areas to place security cameras. You will want to ensure that all of them are monitored, including back and side doors. The front and back doors are what most burglars try first since so many people tend to leave them unlocked.
Cameras located on the front of the home should be visible. Most burglars who can easily spot a camera are likelier to leave and try a different house. And place your cameras at an angle so they can get a full shot of faces.
It's also recommended to place cameras near the main hallway or stairway. Just in case burglars get in, they won't remain undetected inside.
Also, pick a centralized area where everyone usually is or a room that is necessary to move through to get to the rest of your house. And ensure you have a camera that overlooks where you keep valuables. 

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Selecting Locations for Your Outdoor Security Cameras

There are many places to pick outside of the home; it depends on your property size. Ensure that cameras monitoring all the entryways outside are up high and positioned so they can clearly capture footage of people.
This is handy if you have to call the police after someone stole packages off your porch, and you already have a video of what happened and who did it.
Places cameras outside in the front and backyard where they can get a full view of the area. And put security cameras near the driveway and garage. When selecting spots to place your outdoor security cameras, ensure your cameras won't encroach on your neighbor's privacy.
You don't necessarily need dozens of cameras unless you have a massive house with a huge front and backyard. And you can get the job done effectively by picking the main areas with the best view inside and outside the home so that you won't need as many cameras. You'll be prompting burglars to think twice as long as you have security cameras. 

Noorio's Wireless Security Cameras

Our wireless cameras feature state-of-the-art technology with easy installation, so you'll never have to schedule time with technicians or have them come to your home. We don't have a paid subscription like our competitors.   

Noorio B200 Wireless Indoor and Outdoor Security Camera
It only takes minutes to follow our easy guide in Noorio App to install this camera yourself. This wire-free camera has enhanced night vision that can show images in full color, so you'll be able to see faces in the dark.
You can get alerts on your phone. The camera has person-only detection and a filter for customizable activity zones.
Suitable indoors and outdoors, it's built to endure any weather condition. So, you'll be able to put it anywhere you want inside or outside your home, and there are no hidden fees.
We don't have subscription fees, and you can choose to store your footage in a free 8GB local storage (SD card), which holds up to 60 days of video. You can also upload your security camera footage to the cloud.
But that's not all. The B200 has 1080P HD and is Wi-Fi Smart, with AI Motion Detection. In addition to these incredible features, there is also a built-in spotlight.
When you use the Noorio App, you can monitor your home in real-time, receive alerts, and more.  

Noorio B210 Wireless 2K Security Camera
The B210 is available for presale and offers more. In contrast, it has 2K resolution, which is higher quality than 1080P. Like the B200, it's completely wire-free and is powered by a built-in battery, and connects through Wi-Fi.
It has a built-in spotlight that is motion-activated and is Smart Integrated with Alexa. This spotlight also smooths out images even in full color with night vision.
The AI technology only detects human movements, and when paired with your customizable activity zones, you can cut down on receiving unnecessary alerts. Using Echo, you can talk with friends and family on the other side of the camera with two-way audio.
But best of all, you can store up to 6,000 pieces of footage because it comes with 16GB of local storage. Cloud storage is optional. Of course, this is all without a subscription fee.
Like the B200, it's weatherproof and quickly adapts to ambient environments. Operate the B210 seamlessly with the Noorio App to stay up to date with instant motion alerts and speak to people close to your home. With all these fantastic features, it makes sense why so many are already preordering their B210s today.  

Noorio B200 Security Camera
1080P HD Indoor & IP66 Outdoor Camera, Wi-Fi Smart, AI Motion Detection, Full Color Night Vision with Built-in Spot Light.

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