How to Install Security Cameras in Two Story House: 6 Things to Think

How to Install Security Cameras in Two Story House?
Home security cameras are a perfect way to keep an eye on what's happening around your home while you're away. Livestreaming of the house security cameras can keep you informed whether the kids are playing outside, if the babysitter is spending too much time checking Instagram or if the house might get broken into.

In this blog article, everyone will learn how to install security cameras in a two-story house so that you can have peace of mind at home or away and ensure nothing goes wrong.

Install security cameras in two story house

Six Things to Consider Before Installing Home Security Cameras

Here are 6 things and self-ask questions to keep in mind before choosing your house security cameras:

1. Consider the Purpose of the Camera:

  • Do you want an indoor or outdoor security camera?
  • Do you want motion-activated function(motion detection security camera) or weatherproof security camera?
  • Do you want streaming capabilities or recording capabilities(security camera with audio recording) ?

2. Determine Your Budget:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • What type of security camera do you want?
  • Are there any add-ons (such as security cameras with night vision) that you need?

3. Choose the Right Security Cameras for Your Needs:

  • What type of footage do you want to capture (motion detection, sound detection, or both)?
  • Are you looking for an easy-to-use surveillance system, or do you need more advanced features?
  • How large do you need the security camera(s) to be?

4. Decide on the Right Security System:

  • How much storage will your camera(s) need?
  • Will it need to record continuously, or will it only record at certain times?

5. Decide on the Right Security Solution:

  • Do you want a camera to monitor your entire home or just specific areas? If you only want a camera to monitor an area, ensure that your home security camera has a wide enough angle to see everything in that area.
  • Do you want HD video, or do you need something with better resolution( 2k security camera) for closer inspection of items such as clocks and jewelry boxes?

6. Install Your Security Cameras:

  • Can you plug cameras directly into the wall, or do they require an external power source (such as a battery operated security camera)?
  • Where do you want the cameras to be installed?
  • Will you need a wireless transmitter for each camera, or will you have multiple transmitters for the same camera location?

Cost Analysis of Home Security Cameras

Installing home security cameras in a two-story house can be a cost-effective way to improve your home's safety. Security cameras can range from affordable to moderately expensive, depending on the camera model and installation location. However, there are basic factors to consider when calculating the cost of security cameras.

Cost Analysis of Home Security Cameras

First, consider how many security cameras you'll need. If you have just one or two security cameras, a simple installation may be all that's necessary. However, you'll likely need to install an outdoor security camera if you have multiple cameras.

Second, consider where you'll want the security cameras installed. Many homeowners establish security cameras near entrances and windows, often in high-traffic areas. Others install them in more remote locations, such as over the garage or the property perimeter.

Finally, consider the type of camera you're considering purchasing. Security cameras come in both wired and wireless varieties. Wired cameras require an electrical outlet near where they'll be installed; however, wireless cameras don't require an outlet and can be placed anywhere within range of a signal.

Here we listed four of the most common security cameras:

1. Network Security Camera: These cameras are connected to a network and can be viewed remotely. They are suitable for monitoring large areas, like a whole building or an entire campus.

2. Wireless Security Camera: These cameras connect to a wireless network and can be viewed anywhere in your home or office. They are suitable for monitoring small areas, like your front porch or your child's bedroom.

3. IP Security Camera: These cameras record video and photos directly onto a hard drive. You can view the video clips on your computer or store them on a remote server. This type of camera is excellent for monitoring high-value areas like banks or business complexes.

4. Dome Security Camera: These cameras have a dome-shaped housing and are often used where there is little space to install other security cameras, like inside cabinets or under furniture.

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Of all the types of security cameras on this list, the Noorio security camera system is the most reliable, with its full color night vision, AI detection features. The Noorio security cameras are also compatible with Alexa for voice control, so you can easily set it up without your phone!

Noorio B200 Security Camera
1080P HD Indoor & IP66 Outdoor Camera, Wi-Fi Smart, AI Motion Detection, Full Color Night Vision with Built-in Spot Light.

How to Install a Security Camera System in Two Story House?

Installing security cameras in a two-story house can be a bit more complicated than installing them in a single-story home. Here are some pro tips to help you get started:
  1. First, determine where you want the camera system to be placed. You'll most likely want the camera system placed near the front or back door. You'll need to account for the ceiling height in each room.
  2. Next, measure the width and height of each doorway. Use this information to determine the size of the camera system that will fit through each opening. Most systems have a mounting bracket that allows you to mount the camera on either side of the doorframe.
  3. Look for an appropriate location for the camera. Place the camera high enough so that it can see over the top of furniture and down into hallways and other areas of the house where someone could hide. Avoid placing the camera in direct sunlight or near windows that are easily accessible from the outside. Be sure to place your security cameras in high-traffic areas near entrances and staircases. One common way to use an indoor security camera is to put one near the front door to see who comes in and out. You could also use one near the windows to watch what's happening outside.
  4. Finally, install the camera system following the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines. Be sure to test your system before permanently installing it in your house!
install home security cameras in two story house

Details to install security cameras

There are several ways to install security cameras in a two-story house.

Option One: Use a Camera Mounted on the Ceiling

One option is to use a camera mounted on the ceiling. This is the simplest option and doesn't require any installation hardware. You simply position the camera where you want it and then attach it using an adhesive or mounting bracket. This option is good for smaller homes or apartments that don't have a lot of space for installation hardware.

Option Two: Use a Camera Station on a Wall

Another option is to use camera stations on walls. This requires some installation hardware, but it's much more versatile than camera mounts on the ceiling. You can place the camera stations anywhere in your home, and they'll automatically activate when motion is detected. This option is good for larger homes or properties with multiple floors.

Option Three: Use a Magnetic Bracket to Mount Camera Anywhere

Noorio security camera is paired with a strong magnetic bracket for you to mount your security camera anywhere. You could use it both indoors and outdoors. Adjust your camera angle anytime to get the best coverage for your house.

Noorio B200 Security Camera
1080P HD Indoor & IP66 Outdoor Camera, Wi-Fi Smart, AI Motion Detection, Full Color Night Vision with Built-in Spot Light.

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