How to Blind or Block Neighbors' Security Cameras?

How to Blind or Block Neighbors' Security Cameras?


Having a neighbor install outdoor security cameras pointing at areas of your property can create an uncomfortable privacy issue. You have a right to privacy in your outdoor space, but your neighbor also has valid security concerns to protect their home. Legal options to force camera repositioning are limited, so practical DIY solutions are needed. This guide covers creative ways to block or obscure unwanted views from neighbors' cameras without causing friction.

Assess the Camera's View

  • Before taking any action, assess what areas of your yard or home are within view of your neighbor's camera.
  • Walk around your property and get a sense of what angles the camera can see from its position.
  • Consider how wide the camera's field of vision is and if it has zoom capabilities to see distant details.
  • Also, be aware that many outdoor security cameras have audio recording functions in addition to video surveillance, introducing further privacy concerns.
  • Know exactly what the camera's line of sight covers to determine if action is warranted.

Politely Ask the Neighbor to Adjust the Camera

Assuming your neighbor has good intentions with their security camera placement, the first step is to kindly explain your privacy concerns and ask if they can make adjustments. A friendly, positive tone is key, as you want to avoid conflict. Propose solutions like shifting the camera's angle to point strictly at their yard or adding blinders to limit the field of view. If needed, offer to split the cost of any camera repositioning or upgrades required to give you more privacy without compromising their security. With a thoughtful, collaborative approach, you can often reach a compromise.

How to Blind or Block Neighbors' Security Cameras?

Use Obstructing Landscaping

If your neighbor is unwilling or unable to adjust their camera, landscaping elements can provide attractive obstructions between properties. Strategically planting trees, tall shrubs, or dense vines along the view lines between your yard and their camera can block visibility. Choose fast-growing evergreen varieties to get quick, year-round coverage. Ensure new plantings comply with local codes and get permission before altering common spaces. With creative placement, you can use natural features to obstruct camera views without being obvious.

Install a Fence or Screen

When well-designed, fences and screens can blend into your existing space while fully blocking a camera's line of sight. Opt for solid wood, composite fencing, or durable vertical or horizontal screening panels attached to posts. Match the style to complement your home's architecture and aesthetics. Check local zoning laws on fence and screen regulations, as many municipalities restrict height for front-yard fences. Position your installation intelligently to directly interrupt the camera's field of view for optimal privacy.

Consult the Lawyer or the Police

In cases where a neighbor's outdoor security cam is causing severe, ongoing distress and repeated requests to remedy the situation are ignored, you may need to escalate the matter legally. Consulting with a real estate or privacy attorney can guide laws related to nuisance claims, invasion of privacy, or illegal surveillance. They can advise if you have legal grounds to compel the neighbor to reposition or modify the camera. Police can also be contacted if the camera records highly sensitive areas like bedrooms and bathrooms or if audio monitoring occurs.

While legal and law enforcement intervention should be a last resort, these remain options if reasonable discussion fails and the camera is imposing on legal rights. Maintaining neighborly relations should be prioritized in most cases, so only pursue legal steps when absolutely warranted.


Unwanted views from a neighbor's outdoor security camera don't have to become a point of contention. There are ways to thoughtfully obscure the camera's line of sight without destroying property or relationships. Start with a polite discussion and offer win-win solutions. If needed, leverage landscaping, fences, or screening to balance privacy and security. A bit of creativity and care for your neighbor's perspective goes a long way to overcoming outdoor camera privacy hurdles.

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