8 Tips to Pick a Better Home Security Camera

8 tips to pick a better home security camera

The Popularization of the Smart Home

With technology development, smart home devices have become popular products that modern young people buy and install in their homes. The popularization of smart home systems can make life more comfortable and more convenient, and safer.

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One trend that cannot be ignored in the smart home field is smart home security. The primary purpose of smart home security is to ensure the family's safety and provide a particular monitoring ability. While in the smart home security area, home surveillance cameras are the most commonly favored products by users. So, how to choose an indoor smart camera has become a top issue for consumers. 

How to Choose an Indoor Security Camera

First of all, before choosing a home surveillance camera, we need to know what our purpose is before purchasing a security camera, and then choose according to our specific needs. For ordinary families, the purpose of using monitoring is nothing more than the following:
• Monitoring property safety when there is no one at home.
• Monitoring the activities of family members.
• Monitoring the conditions of infants or the elderly.
After clarifying the purpose of monitoring, we can confirm the essential functions of the camera we need according to these occasions. 

8 Tips for Selecting an Indoor Security Camera

First, the home camera should be inconspicuous

Home surveillance cameras are different from street security cameras. Most home surveillance cameras should be small. As the main monitoring area of home surveillance cameras is the doorway or balcony,it can be better hidden and not discovered by intruders if the camera is small and versatile. Nevertheless, it should not easily disturb a family's everyday life. 
Street security camera VS home surveillance camera
Street security camera VS home surveillance camera 

Second, the camera should be easy to install

Most users who buy home security cameras are non-professionals, so easy installation is an essential attribute of choice. At the same time, try to avoid cameras requiring special safety bases to prevent the trouble of "opening holes" in different parts of the home. Of course, except for special needs. 

Third, wireless is better than wired

Home surveillance cameras belong to the soft decoration series and are family "accessories" beyond the decoration. Therefore, try not to affect the entire decoration style for installing cameras. At this point, the wireless home security camera is far better than the wired camera, which saves the trouble of punching and wiring and does not affect the beauty of your home decoration.

Wired home camera VS Wireless indoor camera
Wired home camera VS Wireless indoor camera 

Fourth, the internet connection enables remote monitoring

Choose a home security camera with a remote monitoring function to obtain monitoring pictures in different places after connecting to the network. It is more convenient to monitor the safety of your home. 

Fifth, simple operation -"silly but sweet" is the best

Various brands of surveillance cameras on the market are complicated, and surveillance cameras involving remote control are equipped with unique apps. More users will choose apps with simpler operations. Indoor security cameras, which are "silly but sweet," could reduce the operation process, simplifies the functional steps, and brings a better user experience to the user. 

Sixth, choose a camera with an alert function

Choose home surveillance cameras with an alert function. In an unexpected emergency, the camera will send an alert to you as soon as possible to ensure home safety. Alert cameras are generally equipped with sound and light alert or SMS alert functions. 

Seventh, the two-way intercom function

Choose a camera with a voice function, which is more suitable for families with children or the elderly. For example, speaking to children in emergencies, conducting necessary communication with the elderly, etc. 

Eighth, night vision function is required

If you choose a monitoring device without a night vision function, then such a device will become blind at night. It will not be able to monitor the home security environment, which is impractical. Therefore, when installing a home camera, it is best to choose a device with a night vision function so that you can master home security 24 hours a day.

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Tips for Installing Your Security Camera

After choosing a surveillance camera that meets your requirements, that is not everything! You will also need to learn how to install them properly. 

The principle you need to know for installation is that it must be installed in a place with a wide field of view but easy to hide. If the monitor is installed in an area with many corners of the wall, it will block the recording range of the camera, thus losing the function of recording the whole picture of the monitoring space; The installation should also be in a place with a good Wi-Fi environment. Try to avoid too many electronic devices around to reduce the interference of electromagnetic signals on the monitor. Then, pay attention to the protection of the monitor to prevent damage due to external forces.

Extra Tips: High Image Quality

In addition to the above conditions, what problems should we pay attention to when choosing a home surveillance camera? Since the equipment is used for monitoring, the lens's pixels, sharpness, focal length, and angle, of course, also need to be considered.

For surveillance cameras, distance, angle, and clarity all affect each other. Generally speaking, the farther the distance is, the smaller the angle will be, and the closer the distance is, the visual angle will change accordingly. For ordinary families, the monitoring distance is not as comprehensive as in public places, and the requirements are relatively lower.

The high image quality can make the monitoring image clearer and capture more action details. In addition, although home monitors do not require too high definition, they also have some requirements for the picture's texture. It is not strictly needed to choose 1080p HD quality, but at least 720p should be used as standard. 

Overall, we wrote a blog post about how to choose the outdoor home security camera for your needs. Check it out!

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