5 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages of Cloud Storage for Security Camera

Noorio Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage for Security Camera

Smart security cameras are an essential part of home security. Smart devices improve the functionality and stability of home security systems and ensure that more family properties are not violated. Smart security cameras must be in a specific location, indoors or outdoors, to record everything in the user's home 24/7. This is one of the security camera features that we look for when selecting .

Some scenes are watched live; some movies need to be played back, and some need to be downloaded and forwarded. Some videos are fun and used to document and share life; however, some more critical videos are even used as evidence of important events.

How the smart video smart security camera records the movie involves the storage method of the device. Different storage methods have other characteristics, and users' usage methods and purposes are also different.

Local Storage vs. Cloud Storage

Local Storage

As a completely wireless security camera, the Noorio B200 has powerful functions for users' various home security needs. The smart security camera has 8G local storage. No subscription is required. The video is stored on the device and can be viewed at any time with the APP.

Local storage can record footage in the high-speed stream and watch them smoothly without lag in the APP. Even in the event of a power outage or disconnection from the Internet, the local storage of recorded videos can continue to work and protect your home's safety 24/7.

Cloud Storage

Noorio cloud storage is a service that requires an additional paid subscription to meet the needs of more users - more movie storage space, viewing movies with multiple devices, and sharing and downloading your crucial moments at any time. This service is available as long as you have a device that can connect to the Internet. As a reliable backup, cloud storage can ensure that recordings won't be lost when the device is damaged or stolen.

More importantly, your privacy will be well protected. Noorio Cloud uses 128-bit AES Encryption and TLS to encrypt transmission channels. Store your essential information on Amazon servers in North America, with the highest security and reliability standards. Whether uploading or replaying, it is always confidential.

Cloud Storage Technology

Cloud Storage Technology

Cloud storage lets you store your data and files in offsite locations accessed over the public Internet or a dedicated private network connection. Data transferred offsite for storage is the responsibility of the third-party cloud provider. Providers host, protect, manage, and maintain servers and related infrastructure, making data accessible whenever needed.

Your device's hard drive can only store a limited amount of data. If the user runs out of storage, the files must be transferred to an external storage device. Cloud storage provides a cost-effective and scalable alternative to storing files on on-premises hard drives and storage networks.

Cloud storage services provide resilience. This means you can expand capacity as the data grows and dial down power. By storing data in the cloud, organizations can save money on storage technology and ability as a service rather than investing in the capital cost of building and maintaining an internal storage network. You only pay for the capacity you use.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

Advantages of Cloud Storage

1. Data Recovery

When the smart security camera is lost or damaged, the risk of movie data stored in the cloud is reduced because the data is backed up remotely on an external device. If the backup process is set to be performed automatically, the information is wholly saved; if the backup process is not set to be performed automatically, there is a risk of data loss. If you have cloud storage, you don't need another hardware device to back up your movies, and you don't need to spend a lot of money on hard drive data extraction if the hardware device is damaged.

2. Low Cost

The smart security camera brand provides this service. It has a complete supplementary advantage for the product's function, which is more conducive to its function. It is technically accurate and complete and does not require users to know more technical knowledge, saving time and cost. You only need to pay the subscription fee, and you can use the cloud storage service within the term without purchasing additional hardware equipment and technical support, saving equipment costs.

3. Security

Cloud storage technology adopts high-level encrypted storage technology so that personal privacy is well protected. Data is kept confidential during the uploading and downloading on the Internet. Only users can get their data information.

4. Multi-device Access Anytime

Cloud data can be accessed through various devices connected to the network, and data can be viewed anytime and anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. Regardless of the needs of life or work, you can access and share these videos conveniently and quickly, regardless of distance and the number of users.

5. Optional

Smart security camera brands will launch cloud storage subscription packages of different specifications for users. Users can choose a more appropriate service for them according to their needs. It enhances the user experience and improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the product. The increase and decrease in demand can be adjusted accordingly and reflected in the price change. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually, reducing user pressure and changing plans as needed.

Noorio Cloud Storage Service

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

1. Connect to the Internet

Both uploading and downloading data rely on a network connection. Once the network connection is lost, the smart security camera cannot upload data to cloud storage. Smart terminals such as mobile phones cannot access cloud storage and view video data if there is no network. If the network quality is not good, the data transmission speed will also be slowed down, and the user experience will be reduced.

2. Security and Privacy

Despite the high-level encryption technology used in cloud storage, there are still data leakage incidents. The user's private data is stored on third-party devices, so the choice of the server is critical. Choosing an official service provider with certification and a strong brand is necessary.

3. Data Migration

After subscribing to one cloud storage brand, it is difficult to migrate cloud data to another brand's service plan. Different brands of storage services are made independent. This is a phenomenon known as "vendor lock-in." Before subscribing to a service, be aware of this and choose brands and suppliers carefully.

4. Uncertainties

Because the data is stored in a third-party device, the device's state is beyond the user's control, and it entirely relies on the network to achieve functions, so it is vulnerable to the interference of uncertain factors.

5. Fixed Subscription Plan

Cloud storage subscription packages are monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Therefore, it is not displayed to change the package at any time. For consumption, you must consider your needs and choose the package that suits you.

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