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Influencer Review
1.11M subscribers&1.2K videos on YouTube
If you're like me and you hate installing stuff, especially during the winter months, you're gonna absolutely love this fully wireless security camera. This thing comes with a totally unique feature that I've never seen on any other security camera system.
Janine Delaney
101K subscribers&103 videos on YouTube, 2.8M followers on Instagram
there is an advanced AI detection, it's also weatherproof, everything is super clear to see, and again it gives you multiple ways to use this in any place in your home, so you can move it around.
TT Technology
551K subscribers&1.3K videos on YouTube
Today we're taking a look at the Noorio Floodlight Cam Battery Pro, a new wireless security camera, with a quality plus resolution, that's definitely gonna keep your home safe and secure. The Noorio Security camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its IP66 water resistance, and there are also no wires whatsoever making it a very easy camera to set up.
Yendry Cayo
2.88M subscribers1.1K videos on YouTube, 137K followers on Instagram, 1.2M followers on TikTok
We are talking about the Noorio b210 WiFi camera, which allows you to capture video with 2K HD resolution. The camera did a good job, and the footage looks super clear and detailed. The camera also allows you to record in the dark. Since it comes with an ultra-infra-red system capable of capturing the slightest thing in a super dark environment. There you can also see the video's super smooth motion detection capturing everything that comes near it.
Shane Starnes
210K subscribers&1.4K videos on YouTube
To me the main selling point of all 3 cameras is the color night vision. So these all include a spotlight, when it's enabled it's going to light up even the darkest areas and give you full-color night vision. All 3 cameras also have a 140-degree field of view so you're gonna get more in the image.
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